The Carnahan Selection Committee is now accepting nominations for the Mel and Jean Carnahan Public Service Award in three categories: public service, education, and law. The Carnahan Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to public service, education and law by making a difference for people in Missouri.

Appropriate nominees are Missourians who have made significant contributions through their service, both paid and volunteer, in the public service, education and law sectors. The honoree will be the candidate who has demonstrated both an extraordinary commitment to service and significant achievements that have made a real difference for the community served.

Please include in your submission:

  • the nominee’s contact information;
  • which category (public service, education, or law) you are submitting the nomination;
  • a description of the nominee’s accomplishments and reasoning why this person should receive the award; and,
  • no more than two letters of support for the nominee.

Your submission will be active for three years.

Carnahan Award Nomination

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