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Previous Carnahan Public Service Student Scholarship Award Recipients

Shakealia Finley, 2021 Caitlin Ung, 2020 Julia Goldman, 2019 Steven Chaffin, 2018 Kasey (Schaumburg) Hammock, 2017 Erik Anthes, 2016 Kelsey Kupferer, 2015 Brett Dinkins, 2014 Megan (Ogar) Noble, 2013 Kathleen Anderson, 2012 Brittany (Perrin) Quick-Warren, 2011 Roshani (Mahadevan) Schaefer, 2011

Previous Carnahan Public Service Award Recipients

Jack Magruder, 2021 Larry McMullen, 2021 Hope Whitehead, 2021 Roberta Broeker, 2020 Angela Drake, 2020 Warren Erdman, 2020 Sara Pauley,    2019 Joni Wickham, 2019 Joseph Bednar, Jr., 2018 Dana Tippin Cutler, 2017 Jason Klumb, 2016 Beth Taylor Dessem, 2015 Major General Stephen L. Danner, 2014 John Beakley, 2013 George Lombardi, 2012

2022 Awardees

Shakealia Finley – Scholarship Shakealia Finley is this this year’s winner of the Carnahan Scholarship at the Truman School of Public Service. She is an economics educator with a myriad of professional experiences, including serving as a graduate research assistant at the Truman School. Her scholarly interests include economics teaching and learning in urban highContinue reading “2022 Awardees”

2023 Awardees

Scholarship Winner – Mary Kathryn Davis Mary Kathryn Davis is this year’s Carnahan Scholarship recipient. She is a second year Master of Public Affairs student, and a graduate of Mizzou’s Political Science program. Mary Kathryn is from Kennett, Missouri, in the Bootheel, where she graduated as valedictorian in 2018. As an undergraduate student, she demonstratedContinue reading “2023 Awardees”

2024 Awardees

Student Scholarship in Public Service Lukas Parrish Lukas currently attends the University of Missouri – Columbia where he is in his final semester of its accelerated Master of Public Affairs program. Outside of school, he serves as a Management Intern with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) in Kansas City. As part of his work withContinue reading “2024 Awardees”